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The Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary, one of India's biggest wild life sanctuaries covering 777 is a Tiger Reserve. Its centre piece, the man-made Periyar Lake at the height of 2000 Ft, covers 26 British engineer, Colonel.J.Pennycuick conceived a design to dam the Periyar river which runs through the forests of the western ghats in Kerals. The dam was created in 1895 to divert the water to TamilNadu for irrigation. The Lake is an important source of water for the many wild animals.

The forests around the lake were declared as reserved forests in 1899. The enlightened Maharaja of Travancore, realising the significance of conservation, appointed Mr.S.C.H.Robinson as the first game warden. Based on his recommendations the forests around the lake were turned into a sanctuary in 1934. The sanctuary which assumed a new identity in 1950 has been managed by a separate game department until it was merged with the forest department in 1966. It was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1978 under the famous scheme Project Tiger. In 1982 the core area of there serve has been notified as National Park.

Periyar Wild  Life Sanctuary

The Periyar wildlife sanctuary can be divided into four categories. The open grasslands studded with fire-resistant vegetation and a variety of grasses including elephant grass,which are the common dining hall of herbivores - from barking deer to the elephant; which the most deciduous forest type dominated by trees like teak and Terminalia which shed their leaves seasonally; the semi evergreen forest close to the tropical forests and wet, stream areas and the sholas or tropical evergreen jungle often tigers and king Cobras that are found in the Valleys. This area of dense forest allows only a limited stream of sunlight through and in the moist, dark corridors.

Periyar Wild  Life Sanctuary